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The Coed Summer Shootout League will start June 19th and will be followed by the Fall Mixed Doubles League starting on August 2nd.

For the Coed Summer Shootout League you can select either a male or female for your partner and you will be placed in the appropriate division. Any combination of two females, a male and a female, or two males can play against each other, however, players will be adjusted accordingly to even the playing field.

We do not go strictly by NTRP ratings but a very general rule of thumb would be to add 1pt to any male player's NTRP rating when calculating divisions. So for instance, if two females with an average rating of 3.0 were playing together against two males the males' rating would average around a 2.0. Females playing together with an average rating of 3.5 would play against males with an average rating of 2.5. Females playing together with an average rating of 4.0 would play against males with an average rating of 3.0. Essentially there will be very few matchups of two females playing against two males where the two females' ratings average 3.5 or less. By the same token, two 4.5 males playing together would rarely play against two females as the females would have an average rating somewhere around 5.5. Mixed teams with a female and a male will fall somewhere in the middle of these scenarios.

It should be remembered the ultimate goal is for players to have fun and competitive matches.

With the Coed Summer Shootout teams will get 3 or possibly 4 league matches in a group play format followed by playoff rounds. In the Fall Mixed Doubles League teams will get 5 or possibly 6 matches followed by a playoff.

2021 Spring Doubles League Winners

Congratulations to all the Spring Doubles League winners!
Barty Division

Jennifer Collins & Sheri Kilbey
Kenin Division

Bonney Daves & Jen Rose
Halep Division

Melissa King & Jennifer Casey
Osaka Division

Santana Ewers & Cassie Quast
Svitolina Division

Eve Tang & Yoko Umezawa
Djokovic Division

Hayden Oakley & Michael Douglas
Medvedev Division

Shawn Huffman & Lee Riedinger
Nadal Division

Madison Huffman & Savannah Presson
Thiem Division

Stephen Wills & Rob Bray
Random Spectator


The purpose of this league is to give tennis players in Knoxville a fun, flexible and safe way to get back to playing tennis. Safety will be promoted through smaller group settings and individualized play. Flexibility will be offered by allowing players to specify dates they are unavailable and working around those as efficiently as possible. And of course, playing tennis is fun so that part is easily covered! It is our goal to support local tennis, local players, local clubs, and public courts in our area.

How does it work?

This is an outdoor league where players will form into individual doubles teams. You can either bring your own partner or assistance can be provided to help you find one. Each doubles team will have 5 matches scheduled on weekday evenings, any time on Saturdays, or Sunday afternoons. Before the schedule is released each player will be given the opportunity to block out dates they are unavailable to play.

League Details

Depending on the number of teams who register, teams will be divided into divisions to allow teams to play against players of as much similar ability as possible. Match scores are entered on this site and a standings list is provided for those interested in following. Also, at the conclusion of the 5 matches for each team there will be a short playoff round in each division for the teams that qualify and choose to participate.

More Details

You can find further details about the leagues under the rules section. It can be accessed by clicking here.

How do I get started?

The first step is to sign up on the site. You can sign up here. Everyone is invited. We hope you will consider joining us.

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